Gear Up For Bossings’s Mission Unstapabol: The Don Identity

GEAR up and buckle up for the biggest action-adventure family movie this Christmas season as Vic Sotto teams up with an amazing ensemble cast headed by Pokwang, Jake Cuenca, Wally Bayola, Jose Manalo, and Maine Mendoza in APT Entertainment Inc.’s and MZET Productions’ official entry to the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) - Mission Unstapabol: The Don Identity 

Directed by ace action-adventure director Mike Tuviera and with a script written by the inimitable of Don Santella, Michelle Ngu and Aloy Adlawan,Mission Unstapabol: The Don Identity is an action-packed, edge-of-your-seat, and high octane heist movie for all ages 

Mission Unstapabol is centered on master strategist Don Robert Fortun (Sotto) who assembled a motley crew of experts collectively known as “The Dons,” which consists of magician Zulueta (Pokwang), wrestler Johnson (Cuenca), car racer Kikong (Jelson Bay), and the mysterious master computer hacker Donna (Mendoza). The Dons, under the leadership of Don Robert, will pull-off the biggest plan to obtain the famed and heavily guarded Pearl of the Orient (Perlas Ng Silangan) from the hands of Don Robert’s scheming brother Benjamin “Benjie” Fortun (Manalo) and to vindicate his name from a heinous crime he did not commit

It should be noted that his brilliant portrayal of Don Robert in Mission Unstapabol is the most thrilling role ever portrayed by Vic Sotto to date in the illustrious history of his consistent participation in the annual MMFF. Don Robert is not only an excellent strategist, but the character is also pure of heart. “Don Robert will do everything to vindicate himself for a crime he did not commit,” says Sotto. “He will be in a relentless quest for truth and justice. It’s both interesting and exciting to see how his character will evolve in the film.” 

Mission Unstapabol also offers a lot of other firsts that moviegoers could look forward to. For one, this is the very first full-length mainstream movie of Maine Mendoza after appearing in the critically-acclaimed romantic-drama Isa Pa, With Feelings opposite Carlo Aquino. While Maine displayed her dramatic acting prowess in her previous project, her role as Donna is more packed with adrenaline and spice as seen in her fabulous action sequences 

Comedienne Pokwang reunites with Bossing in Mission Unstapabol for the very first time after years of working with him in film. It has been almost a decade since Pokwang last collaborated with Bossing in 2011’s Pak! Pak! My Dr. Kwak! while Jake Cuenca works for the very first time with the iconic actor 

Jose Manalo deviates from being Bossing’s sidekick as he play villainous Benjie Fortun while Wally Bayola plays a key role that will surely delight audiences and Jelson Bay provides a different comedic flavor as Don Robert’s loyal sidekick

Weaving the story of this adrenaline pumping movie is the awesome Mike Tuviera who expertly put all the elements of a fantastic action-adventure movie together while cleverly injecting Filipino values and sensitivities to the film. “The movie is jam-packed with positive Filipino values,” says Tuviera. “There is a lesson to be learned here - the good will always be rewarded and justice will always be served to the innocent. At the end of the movie, people will also discover that the most important things this Christmas season are family, forgiveness, and love.” 

Will The Dons outsmart the equally cunnig crew of Benjie Fortun and get a hold of the pearl? What is the true role of Donna in all of those? Will Don Robert attain the justice that his heart desires? 

Find out all the answers and be part of the ultimate action-adventure this Christmas in Mission Unstapabol: The Don Identity 

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Mission Unstapabol: The Don Identity is showing in cinemas nationwide starting Decemebr 25
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