Enjoy Up To 50% Savings On Beko Appliances This Lazada's 8.8 Grand Voucher Sale

Building your household is never easy. The exhaustive list of tasks to do when building a home also drains your energy, so you would also want to preserve your energy for other essential duties. 

Rooted in the purpose of helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle, global appliance brand Beko got your back. 

Whether you're planning to have a small or big household, you can now make it great by shopping with ease and get savings of as much to 50% when you shop for your Beko appliance today from Beko's official Lazada store at Lazada's 8.8 Grand Voucher Sale this August 8-12, 2022.

Need something great to wake you up?

Heads up, coffee lovers and those who need to bolt awake! Savor the creaminess of milk in your coffee and get 41% off when you purchase the Beko 1350W Espresso Machine with Milk Cup CEG5331X for only Php 15,595 and the Beko 1350W Espresso Machine with Steam Wand CEG5311X for only Php 13,650.

Need great help with cleaning and other chores?

Let Beko's appliances help you out! Get 18-36% off and vacuum all the dirt away by getting the Beko Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner 750w VCO42702AD for only Php 4,792; the Beko Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner 1400w VCO20713WV for only Php 3,591, and the Beko Bagless Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 150w VRT82821BV for only Php 10,493.

Get 50% off and make your clothes look great with the Beko Steam Iron 2200w SIM3122T for only Php 875 and with the Beko Steam Iron 2400w SIM3124D for only Php 1,095!

Of course, even when you're busy and in a rush, Beko's got something for you! Get 26% off and make your cooking great easily with the Beko Air Fryer 3.0L Capacity FRL2942. With its excellent heat adjustment and non-stick coating, you can prepare and enjoy your food as you build your way to a healthy lifestyle. Get this for only Php 2,990!

Rainy season is finally here, so is the stress of doing laundry. The gloomy weather makes laundry more difficult and takes up a longer time to finish. 

So, whether you have a light or heavy load of laundry, Beko’s great range of washing machines can help you and make your laundry easier so that you can have more time to spend with your family.

Get 18% savings with these selected Beko laundry appliances: Get the Beko Washing Machine 7.0 kg Front Load WCV7612X0 for only Php 25,191, and the Beko Washing Machine 10.5 kg Top Load BTD1059S for only Php 23,391. Get the the Beko Washing Machine 9.0 kg Washer / 5.0 kg Dryer Front Load HTV9743X for only Php 44,991, and the Beko Clothes Dryer 10.0 kg Heat Pump DH10444RX0 for only Php 34,191.

Need great accompanies for your kitchen?

When building a great kitchen for your home, Beko also has your back. Get up to 18-42% off with Beko's great range of refrigerators that can help you preserve the freshness and nutrients of your fruits and vegetables for a longer time. Get the Beko Refrigerator 640L (22.7 cu. ft) Side By Side Inverter GN163123P for only Php 35,990 and the Beko Refrigerator 251L (8.8 cu. ft) Top Mount Freezer Inverter RDNT251I50VZP for only Php 20,691.

Some Beko's cooking appliances can get up to 18-45% off. Make your cooking a great experience with the Beko Freestanding Cooker 60cm, 3 Gas + 1 Wok Burners | Gas Hob & Electric Multifunctional Oven + Grill CSM61326DX for only Php 25,845; the Beko Freestanding Cooker 60cm, 4 Electric (Solid Hotplate) | Electric Hob & Electric Multifunctional Oven + Electric Grill FSM66001GBR for only Php 18,695, and the Beko Built-In Hob 60 cm, 4 Hotplates | Electric Hob HIZE64101X for only Php 9,891.

This August 8-12, head to Beko's Lazada flagship store at lazada.com.ph/shop/beko to score these great deals and make your household great at Lazada's 8.8 Grand Voucher Sale!

Zach Golez

A lifestyle blogger based in Iloilo City


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