#LiveItchFree with these Eczema Skin Solutions from Kamedis™

Every year, many Filipinos suffer from eczema without the necessary knowledge to manage and treat it effectively. Kamedis™ sheds some light on this condition and offers an array of skin-restoring solutions designed specifically to relieve and manage its symptoms. 

What is Eczema?  

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the skin. The word eczema comes from the Greek word "ekzein," which means "to break out and boil." This condition brings intense itching, redness, flaking, pain, and discomfort.  Its common causes are genetics, stress, weather, and allergies, with prevalence peaking in early childhood. 

Kamedis™ Understands Sensitive Skin 

Because many factors can trigger flare-ups, finding the right skincare products can be challenging, and it becomes even more complicated when dealing with young, sensitive skin, such as children's.

That is why Kamedis™ has spent years of careful scientific research and clinical testing to develop responsible skincare products derived from natural botanicals and free of SLS, parabens, steroids, and dyes. By combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and modern science, Kamedis™ was able to create skincare products that are gentle enough for babies as young as six months old while also being potent enough to treat the most challenging skin conditions, such as eczema.   

Kamedis™ CALM Gentle Soothing Wash

Most commercial facial washes leave the skin tight and dry, exacerbating eczema flare-ups! The Kamedis™ CALM Gentle Soothing Wash is a must-try if you're looking for a gentle cleanser to calm and soothe super dry and irritated skin. Each 200ml tube contains potent botanicals using the Calm Botaniplex™ system plus prebiotics to balance the skin’s microbiome.  

Kamedis™ CALM Intense Moisture Cream  

Kamedis™ CALM Intense Moisture Cream is the perfect moisturizer for extremely dry and irritated skin. Each 150ml tube carries the Calm Botaniplex™ formulation, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin to help lock in moisture and prevent future dryness. Clinical studies have shown that it can reduce atopic dermatitis symptoms by up to 50% with no adverse side effects!  

Kamedis™ Ultra Hydration Gel (UHG)

If you have severe eczema flare-ups and need an extra boost of hydration for your skin, the Kamedis™ Ultra Hydration Gel will come in handy! This breakthrough gel was created with extremely dry, sensitive skin in mind. Each 100ml tube is loaded with powerful synergistic botanicals (Calm Botaniplex™) and prebiotics that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and the maintenance of healthy, well-balanced skin. 

AC-CLEAR Face Mask 

Weather changes can aggravate various skin conditions, including eczema and acne. Give your face some much-needed TLC with Kamedis™ AC-CLEAR Face Mask and see instant improvements! 

The Kamedis™ AC-CLEAR Face Mask effectively relieves inflamed skin and controls acne breakouts. Each mask sheet contains a synergistic blend of botanical extracts (CLEAR Botaniplex™) with antibacterial and prebiotic properties that help reduce pimple redness while restoring the skin's natural balance and health.

Each box has five face AC-CLEAR Face Mask sheets. Order now from one of our online stores!  

Live Itch-Free! 

While there are no definitive cures for eczema, there are ways to manage it. The key is knowing the underlying causes and triggers and finding skin care products that truly understand your skin. 

It’s time you #LiveItchFree! Get the CALM Gentle Soothing Wash, CALM Intense Moisture Cream, and Ultra Hydration Gel (UHG) now! 

Kamedis Philippines official online store: kamedis.com.ph/collections/shop 

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Kamedis™ products are exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Mixexpert Trading and Services Inc., a company specializing in the distribution of tested cosmeceuticals and high- quality skincare equipment, spa, and salon goods from Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. 
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