Damires Hills Farm and Spa Resort: A Haven of Natural Tranquility Celebrates Over a Decade of Exceptional Hospitality

Nestled in the heart of the breathtaking Iloilo province, Damires Hills Farm and Spa Resort has become a beloved retreat for travelers seeking the perfect blend of nature, relaxation, and genuine Filipino hospitality. As Damires Hills marks its 13th anniversary since opening its doors to guests in 2010, it stands as a testament to a decade of unwavering commitment to delivering memorable experiences. 

“Our vision is to be the prime farm and spa resort, not just in Janiuay, but across the entire country. We are committed to delivering world-class services and products with an unwavering focus on eco-consciousness, sustainability, and organic practices. Our goal is to provide a farm-to-table experience that stands out. Our retreat is designed to be an oasis away from the city's hustle and bustle, where guests can truly enjoy, relax, and indulge in exceptional food, unique experiences, cozy rooms, and our stunning pools and infinity pools. 

We're not stopping there; we have exciting expansion plans. This includes adding more executive rooms, luxurious villas, and even presidential suites. And to cater to the high demand, We're also planning to host grand events for up to 450 guests in our pavilion, and we offer ample parking space.” Marlon Navarro, General Manager of Damires Hills Farm and Spa Resort concluded. 

A Retreat in Harmony with Nature 

Damires Hills Resort, situated in Janiuay, Iloilo, spans a vast 46-hectare estate, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the serene beauty of the Philippine countryside. Opened a little over a decade ago, Damires Hills Resort has consistently welcomed families, groups, and nature enthusiasts, offering them an escape from bustling city life. The resort serves as a tranquil oasis where guests can pause, rejuvenate, and connect with the natural world. 

An Array of Accommodations 

With 28 rooms, Damires Hills Resort caters to a diverse range of guests. From comfortable Standard Rooms to the cozy Family Style Cottage and the exquisite Heliconia Rooms, the resort ensures that each guest finds a perfect abode to suit their preferences. Whether it's a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a corporate retreat, Damires Hills has the ideal accommodation. 

Culinary Delights at Balay Uma 

The heart of any memorable getaway is undoubtedly its culinary offerings, and Damires Hills Resort excels in this department. The resort's signature restaurant, "Balay Uma," is renowned for its delectable Ilonggo cuisine, treating guests to an exquisite culinary journey that showcases the rich flavors of the region. Set atop an enchanting hill, the restaurant also provides stunning panoramic views and an infinity pool right below, making dining a truly magical experience. Balay Uma also offers tablea, sourced from the Damires Farm. 

Versatile Venues for Every Occasion 

Damires Hills Resort isn't just a destination for leisure travelers; it's also an ideal place to host a variety of events. The resort boasts the "Waling-Waling" function room, equipped to handle banquets, meetings, and celebrations. Whether it's a wedding, a corporate gathering, or a special occasion, Damires Hills ensures that every event is unforgettable. 

Ilaya Spa: Your Path to Wellness 

For those seeking rejuvenation and relaxation, Damires Hills Resort proudly presents Ilaya Spa, an authentic Filipino brand of wellness. Here, guests can indulge in a range of spa treatments that draw from age-old Filipino healing traditions, leaving them refreshed, revitalized, and ready to take on the world anew. 

Damires Farm: Immersive Agricultural Experience 

Within the expansive 46-hectare estate of Damires Hills Farm and Spa Resort, Damires Farm offers guests an immersive educational experience in traditional Filipino farming. This unique addition allows visitors to reconnect with nature and gain insight into sustainable farming techniques. Explore lush greenery, get up close with crops and animals, and discover diverse agricultural practices through guided farm tours at Damires Farm. 

Thrilling Adventures for the Adventurous 

In addition to its serene landscapes and wellness offerings, Damires Hills Resort is an adventure-seekers paradise. The resort boasts thrilling activities like zip-lining through lush greenery, embarking on exciting ATV rides, and discovering the secrets of the farm. Guests can even immerse themselves in the art of the process of growing tablea, a unique and hands-on experience. 

As Damires Hills Farm and Spa Resort celebrates its 14th anniversary, it remains committed to providing exceptional experiences, weaving the tapestry of nature, culture, and relaxation for all who visit. With its rich history, diverse accommodations, delectable cuisine, versatile event spaces, rejuvenating spa, and thrilling adventures, Damires Hills continues to set the standard for Philippine hospitality.

For more information about Damires Hills Resort and reservations, please visit damireshills.ph or contact 0917 632 5901 for more details. 
Zach Golez

A lifestyle blogger based in Iloilo City

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