Global Dominion's Trailblazing Journey: Patricia Poco-Palacios Inspires Innovation at BusinessWorld Forecast 2024

Patricia Poco-Palacios, the President and COO of Global Dominion, shared her insights on Artificial Intelligence (AI) during the recent BusinessWorld Forecast 2024, aptly titled "PH Rising: Keeping the Momentum.”

Poco-Palacios shared her insights as a panelist in the discussion on "Points of Convergence: Meeting Consumers Where They Currently Are."

"The shift to AI is accelerated. There are risks such as fraud and identity theft, but we see a lot of advantages in terms of compliance and reviewing financials,” Poco-Palacios.

Acknowledging that technology is a driving force in the global economy, Poco-Palacios stressed the need for businesses to embrace disruption with courage and determination. 

"I think the biggest challenge for businesses like us is having the courage and wherewithal to (experiment with) and pilot (disruptive) technologies. It's difficult, but it has to be done to challenge the status quo."

This call to action emphasizes the necessity of breaking free from conventional practices and daring to explore innovative avenues.

Global Dominion Financing, Inc., under Poco-Palacios’ leadership, sees a future where challenges are not obstacles but opportunities for growth and innovation. The company is navigating uncharted territories with the courage to experiment and pilot disruptive technologies, challenging existing norms to usher a new era of progress.

As Global Dominion Financing, Inc. moves forward into the future, inspired by Poco-Palacios’ insights at the BusinessWorld Forecast 2024, it does so with a clear vision. The challenges posed by AI adoption and disruptive technologies are not roadblocks but catalysts for positive change. The call to challenge the status quo echoes as a mantra for businesses to not only keep pace with change but to actively lead it, ensuring a future where innovation and resilience are the cornerstones of success.

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