Two in a Row! Global Dominion Wins ‘Most Innovative Auto Financing Company’ at the International Finance Award 2023

Following its win as the “Fastest Growing Auto Finance Company” in the International Finance Awards, Global Dominion Financing, Inc, has been conferred the “Most Innovative Auto Financing Company” by the same award-giving body in Bangkok, Thailand for 2023.
"This is our second international award, and we dedicate this to our teammates, partners, and our community including the future financial customers of Global Dominion. More than anything else, we hope that more Filipinos will have better access to credit and that our products become tools that further drive collective growth and development." - Robert B. Jordan Jr., Global Dominion CEO
The award was given in recognition of Global Dominion’s exceptional and innovative car loan services, which cater to the needs of its customers. Global Dominion provides straightforward and cost-effective loan products that empower customers to attain their goals.

The company has consistently led the way in pioneering innovative loan facilities, adeptly addressing the evolving needs of customers through easily manageable interest rates and practical payment options. In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Global Dominion Financing has strategically implemented digitalization as a key innovation.
“It’s just a matter of time before technology becomes fully integrated into financial products and services here in the Philippines. This award reaffirms that we at Global Dominion are on the right path in navigating the dynamic landscape of finance, and I have full confidence that our journey has just begun. Conquering the ever-changing environment of finance is never going to be easy, but this award inspires us to continue pushing boundaries and reshaping the future of finance,” said Global Dominion Chairman of the Board, Ruben Y. Lugtu II.
International Finance Awards is an organization that recognizes industry talent, leadership skills, industry net worth, and capability on an international platform. After careful consideration of nominations by a qualified research team, International Finance Awards the winners on the strength of their application and past accomplishments.
For the finance category, the International Finance Awards rewards and recognizes the contribution of financial companies, which include path-breaking initiatives in corporate social responsibility, innovation, corporate governance, and activities that benefit the global finance community, in addition to outstanding performance in their respective fields.

Global Dominion President and Managing Director, Patricia Poco-Palacios

According to Global Dominion President and Managing Director Patricia Poco-Palacios, "Global Dominion has been in the financing and refinancing industry in the Philippines for more than 20 years now and recognitions like this inspire our team to continue living by our purpose which is to ignite and accelerate growth in people and organizations to transform lives for the better. With everyone's support, we hope to continue making more people realize that their dreams are pwede pala [apparently possible], and that we are always here to be ka-partner mo sa pag-angat [your partner in growth]."
On top of the ongoing developments in Global Dominion’s information systems, new alternative technologies are also being explored. While the team has implemented innovation in its loan origination and management systems, it plans to apply changes from discoveries in recent studies on alternative credit evaluation, artificial intelligence, and decision engines. The team expects tests to be completed this year and that the results will become critical foundations for what will be applied to the operations next.
For 20 years, Global Dominion has stood as the foremost provider of financial services, catering to a diverse clientele including professionals, business proprietors, and executives. With a wide network of over 80 branches nationwide, the company is well-positioned to serve clients, wherever they may be.
Visit Global Dominion's website or your nearest branch to learn more about their innovative services and how they can help you achieve your financial goals.

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