MORE Power Provides Free Water and Phone Charging During Power Interruption

Last week, MORE Power provided free cold water for washing and bathing to consumers affected by the 12-hour power interruption on April 21, 2024, due to maintenance work. Over the weekend, in response to the needs of their consumers, MORE Power not only supplied water but also offered free charging for their devices and appliances.  

"Together with Iloilo City Mayor Jerry P. Trenas, we are providing free water to affected barangays during the power interruption. Additionally, we are offering free charging (using a mobile generator)  for cell phones and gadgets. These efforts are our ways of alleviating any inconvenience caused by the preventive maintenance work. We thank the Honorable Mayor for his support,” said Roel Castro,  President, and CEO of MORE Power, who personally oversees his team on the ground. 

MORE Power continuously innovates to minimize inconvenience for consumers affected by the 12-hour scheduled power interruption on Sunday, April 28, 2024. 

In partnership with Federation Fire Iloilo, MORE Power scheduled water delivery to affected barangays from 9:00 AM until power was restored. They also mobilized a roving generator set to strategic areas where affected consumers could charge their devices, such as cellular phones, power banks, and electric fans. 

The Barangay Captains of the affected areas deeply appreciate the initiatives undertaken by MORE  Power. 

"On behalf sang akon nga Brgy Council kag pumuluyo sang Brgy. Ma. Clara we would like to extend  and express our heartfelt gratitude for supporting us to supply our barangay a water kahit papano its  a big help sa amon pumuluyo ang tubig nga hatag ninyo,” said Barangay Captain Gerardo Macoco of  Ma. Clara City Proper. 

Barangay Captain Marcelo Alag of Villa Anita, City Proper, also commended MORE Power, saying,  “Bisan brownout, nagarasyon ang MORE Power sang tubig. Importante gid ang tubig kag mayor nga  kinahanglanon gid ini sang akon nga mga pumuluyo. Dako gid in inga bulig nga makapiyan-piyan sa  akon nga mga pumuluyo.” 

Barangay Captain Wenceslao Simpas Jr. of OsmeƱa, City Proper; Barangay Captain Judy Navales of  Rizal Pala Pala II, City Proper; Barangay Captain Eman Bayona of Rizal Pala Pala I, City Proper; and  Barangay Captain Marebel Dariagan of Cochero, Molo, shared the same sentiments. 

Peter Parcon, one of the affected consumers and beneficiaries of free water, expressed his gratitude,  stating that the water provided by MORE Power was enough for three days of consumption.  “Pasalamat gid kami sa paghatag sang tubig sa barangay namon. Dako dako gid ni ya nga bulig. Stock  na ni namon, tatlo na ni ka adlaw nga gamit sang tubig ang hatag sang MORE Power,” said Parcon. 

Barangay Captain Herman Kilayko of Infante, Molo, also recognized MORE Power’s efforts in fixing the poles. “Thank you MORE Power sa pagchange sang mga post nga nagatakilid kag pagfix sang  spaghetti wires, naga kalipay gd ang mga pumuluyo kay mapalayo na sila sa disgrasya.” 

The 12-hour scheduled power interruption last weekend is part of MORE Power’s 5-year  rehabilitation plan, which is targeted to be completed in 2025.
Zach Golez

A lifestyle blogger based in Iloilo City

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