Iloilo City Deserves MORE!

MORE Power, a Razon-owned electric distribution company and PECO (Panay Electric Company), Iloilo City's current power distributor, are locked in a legal dispute that has reached the Supreme Court.

This has come to no surprise since MORE Power is currently aiming to replace PECO as Iloilo City's official power distributor and they are willing to invest billions of pesos for the improvement of its facilities and the betterment of its distribution system

But before we dwell into that matter, here's a closer look on how this feud started:


On February 14, 2019 (exactly on Valentine's Day), President Duterte signed into law Republic Act 11212 - an act granting MORE Power the franchise to establish, operate and maintain, for commercial purposes and in the public interest, a distribution system for the conveyance of electricity to the end users in the City of Iloilo and it was made effective on March 6, 2019 and will expire after 25 years or in March 6, 2044

As published on the Official Gazette's website:

MORE Power's Brand Directions

  • "We are a service-oriented company committed to bringing only the best customer experience to the electric consumers of Iloilo City"
  • MORE Power fully appreciates the grave need to provide the City of Iloilo with a modernized, reliable, cost effective, flexible and scalable power supply delivery system" 
  • It is MORE Power's declared policy to ensure the quality, reliability, security, and affordability of the supply of electric power to the electricity consumers of the City of Iloilo with due care for the environment and its employees"
  • VISION: "We desire to be a preferred electric distribution utility provider that responds to the dynamic needs of consumers and delivers competent energy solutions"
  • MISSION: "We aim to maintain our electric services in a friendly, safe, effective, non-discriminatory, cost-efficient and helpful way"
  • BRAND IDENTITY: Customer-Centricity & Trustworthiness

In order to top their rival, MORE Power is embarking on (4) strategic goals for Iloilo City which are the improvement of the distribution system's reliability, the minimization of franchise-wide outages, commitment to competitive rates and to provide excellent customer satisfaction.

Not to mention, they are ready to invest a whopping 1.7 billion pesos in the first (5) years for reliability improvement, systems loss reduction, capacity/power quality improvement and safety improvement

The investment also includes a Utility Management System Software that will serve as the front-end system and will enable MORE Power to perform the following functions:
  • Customer Management System
  • Work Management System
  • Billing Management System
  • Collection Management System

MORE Power will also implement a SAP ERP System, an enterprise resource planning software that integrates financials, sales, and purchasing data that includes
  • Financials
  • Inventory Management
  • Fixed Asset Management (Automated Depreciation Run)
  • Purchasing/Procurement Management with online approval process
  • AP/AR Invoicing
  • Payment Check Printing
  • Integration Solutions (ex. UMS application)

Another initiative that they want to carry out is the "Synergee Software", a power system analysis package that simulates load flow, symmetrical and asymmetrical faults, capacitor placement, cable ampacity, contingency switching, switch optimization, harmonic impedance, motor starting, phase balancing, predictive reliability, and protective device coordination

Additionally, MORE Power will also want to utilize the Distribution System Analysis Software (DSAS) that enables electric distribution utility to calculate the reliability indices for its distribution system, calculate SAIFI, SAIDI, & MAIFI, and even EENS, CAIDI, ASAI, ASUI, ASIFI & ASIFI

Other software programs include Customer Queuing System and System Facilities Mapping. The System Facilities Mapping is a process that helps engineers in identifying and mapping facilities for the improvement of operational management and planing tasks

On Assets

In terms of assets, MORE Power had already started out purchasing these following facilities and equipment

* Utility Trucks (Dedicated for 24/7 Response Teams and Meter Installation Teams)

* Motorcyles (For metering services, administration, network operations)

* Pick-Up Trucks (For Customer Care/Community Relations/Network Operations)

* Digital Meters - 11,727 (inventory), 5,473 (delivery)

* Service Wires

* Electric Poles (Concrete Poles Delivered) (Steel Poles & Additional Concrete Poles for Delivery)

* Other Tools and Equipment

On Competitive Power Rates and Customer Satisfaction

On Commitment to Competitive Power Rates, MORE Power will source out its power requirements in the least cost manner in order to bring more to the lives of the Ilonggos and to foster business growth in the City. Whilst, in terms of providing a meaningful customer experience, MORE Power will provide Customer Friendly Application Process and Requirements, Spot Billing in All Districts, 24/7 Hotline Assistance and Quick Response Team, Key Accounts Management and Dispute Resolution

As above mentioned, MORE Power gives it full assurance and everything in their capacity to prove that Iloilo City deserves "MORE"


Zach Golez

A lifestyle blogger based in Iloilo City

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