Richard Garin and The Richness of Guimbal

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Guimbal, often referred to by some as the "Town of the Rising Sun and Sons", is a fourth class municipality situated at the southwestern part of Iloilo Province, Philippines. Guimbal is politically subdivided into 33 barangays. Over the years, it has been lauded for its achievements. To mention a few, it has been cited as the Cleanest and Greenest Town in Iloilo and the Most Business-Friendly Municipality in Western Visayas.

Guimbal is undeniably home to historical and architectural landmarks. Your experience in the province of Iloilo won't be complete without visiting some of its heritage and remarkable sites.

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Guimbal Church. Also known as St. Nicholas of Tolentine Parish Church, stands at the very heart of the beautifully preserved colonial town. This baroque-style church is one of the oldest churches in the country. The 400-year old church is made from adobe stones locally called as "igang" and coral stones quarried from Guimaras. The fa├žade is flanked by twinned round pilasters decorated with floral carvings, while the center aisle has an intricate marble mosaic design. It has undergone reconstruction twice after being damaged during the Second World War, and the January 1948 (Lady Kaykay) earthquake. Its annual religious fiesta is celebrated every 10th of September.
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Moro Watchtowers. Originally, there were four structures located in the Barangays of Generosa-Cristobal Colon, Nanga, Pescadores, and Rizal-Tuguisan. To date, only three are still intact. These are the 17th century structures which served as look-out posts for prowling Moro pirates.

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Guimbal Steel Bridge. It was constructed during the American Period. It is made of Pittsburgh Steel imported from Virginia, USA. It is the longest steel bridge in Western Visayas.

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Ayaw-Ayaw Monument. A life-size replica of Andres Bonifacio, Father of the Philippine Revolution. It perches on the hill near Nahapay Elementary School.

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Taytay Tigre. A short bridge with tiger stone structure which was constructed during the Spanish Colonial Period. This bridge was one of the earliest stone structures constructed in Guimbal. It is found across the plaza of Guimbal.

Apart from the Historical Landmarks and the richness that envelopes it, Guimbal and the 1st District of Iloilo in general, now offers a plethora of attractions. It boasts its beautiful, newly-constructed spots, which offer unique experience to visitors.

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The Guimbal Plaza, an open space in Guimbal Town Proper, is notable for its beautiful ornamental plants and landscapes, and its cleanliness. Visitors call it as the "Luneta of Iloilo".

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The Newly-Constructed Guimbal Riverside Park. The esplanade extends from the Barangays of Sta. Rosa-Laguna to Particion. It was purposely established as a River Control Project of Oscar Garin, Sr.
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Scenic beaches and inland resorts can be found in the nearby municipalities that comprise the First Congressional District of Iloilo.

As it is already known to many, Guimbal is home to the Garins. Over the years, under their governance, Guimbal received various awards. Some of which are: National Winner from 2009 to 2011, Hall of Fame Awardee on The Implementation of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Programs, Most Business-Friendly Municipality Award given by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a Hall of Famer.
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Notably, former legislator and now private citizen Richard Garin, who lobbied for the expansion of technical-vocational education for the youth, the comprehensive and affordable health and social services for people, continues his advocacy for citizen participation having instilled in him the passion to serve. He is truly a catalyst for Guimbal's change, growth and improvement.

Guimbal, despite being a rural town, strives to be on the level of Iloilo City in terms of infrastructure developments while embracing nature and simple living away from the real city.

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