Keeping the network running for people to remain connected

Two members of Globe's network operations team climbing a microwave antenna to improve signal level
“This is the biggest challenge for us so far.  With typhoons, we can see the damage, assess if restoration works are possible or not, and plan how to attack and solve the problem. Covid-19 keeps us blind, not knowing if it will hit us or not,” said said Reden Jobil, Globe Sr. Network Operations Engineer.

Reden is part of the critical skeletal force composed of installers, repairmen, network engineers, and other personnel who relentlessly work to keep telecommunications facilities running and the country connected despite the virus threat. They are the nation's unsung heroes.

“Facing the uncertainties of the pandemic, the possibility of getting us infected after long exposure outside, lining up to get through checkpoints, being shooed away while doing restoration works, trying to enter places with total lockdown -these are the challenges that we have to endure just to ensure that we deliver the best network experience to our customers,” he said.

Now, more than ever, telecommunications plays a vital role in the lives of Filipinos who have to abide by the enhanced community quarantine.  Data connectivity is necessary for work-from-home employees, for students who need to continue with their lessons, for hospitals to communicate with doctors and patients, and even for national and local government to run.

Globe network personnel checking and ensuring serving cells are working in Congress
Thus, telecom companies like Globe continue to deploy its critical skeletal force so that those at home may remain productive, connected, and informed.

Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO, leads the company in extending its gratitude to these people who brave the risks of possible exposure to COVID-19 to repair telecom lines, install internet facilities, and man critical infrastructure, among other things.

“We would like to thank our engineers, installers and other critical skeletal force for holding the fort so that we can  continue to provide services to the country with minimal disruption. We can’t thank you enough for the ultimate sacrifice and act of kindness,” he said.

For its part, Globe provides its skeletal force with meals, accommodations, transportation, insurance, medical expense assistance, and personal protective equipment.

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