This Is Not A Drill: You Can Now Get Ube Cheese Waffles At Book Latte

Waffles have long been a breakfast favorite for quite some time now.

These irresistibly pretty stacks of breakfast goodness can either be served plain, with just a bit of butter and syrup or they can be topped up with pretty much everything, ranging from nuts and fruits to even more savory ones like bacon and eggs and in most cases, fried chicken!

Blue Cheese Waffles (P188)

But this time, Book Latte has forever changed the waffle game with their Ube Cheese Waffles (P188) which I would say that really lives up to the hype.

Topped with ube halaya (purple yam) and cheese, it tastes just as good as they look and doesn't come off as too overly sweet. Add a cup of freshly brewed coffee and you've got yourself a breakfast on a leisurely morning
Zach Golez

A lifestyle blogger based in Iloilo City

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