51 MORE Power Employees Regularized In A Surprise Ceremony

51 employees of MORE Power Iloilo have been regularized after 6 months of service in the said power company here in Iloilo City last September 16, 2020.

The regularization was a surprise ceremony held at the Iloilo Convention Center at the aforementioned date. This was attended by MORE Power’s staff and top officials.

Each of the 51 personnels’ names were called as they went up the stage to receive their certificates and official IDs. The awarding ceremony was led by MORE Power President Roel Z. Castro and Network Operations Head Engr. Edwin Montemayor.

Moreover, the surprise ceremony made some employees emotional, as they were not expecting to be given the “regular” status in just a short length of service in the said company. Most of them were not regularized in their previous company despite a long term, even decades, of service.

Endo (End of Contract) or Contractualization, is not new among the 51 workers. MORE Power, however, put this to an end.  “[We] recognized the essential roles of each of these workers who worked so hard 24/7 for the betterment of Iloilo City”, Ma. Cecilia Pe-Calunod, power utility’s head of customer care, said.

"MORE Power needs you - your talent, your skills, your perseverance. We need you as much as you need us," she further added.

Such words during the surprise ceremony sparked a series of emotions to the attendees. Alexis Nacionales, a line testing technician working for Network Operations Dept., was deeply grateful for his new employer and was emotional as he shared his experience in previous DU.

"More than 17 years kami nag-ubra sa ila wala gid kami nag-regular, ginpabay-an pa. Nadisgrasya ako, nag 50-50...at least naka-survive. Gapasalamat gid ko sa MORE nga naregular kami. Sa mga upod ko man, amo ni ginahulat naton nga ma-regular. Thank you gid sa kay Sir Roel Castro kay nagsulod sila," quoted Nacionales.

Castro, on the other hand, acclaimed the 51 employees who took the risk to leave their previous employer and chose to join MORE Power.

"I know it was difficult for you to make a decision six months ago to join MORE. You were torn between staying with the old company or joining a new company that you don't even know...I salute all of you 51 who had the courage to come forward and say I will join MORE," Castro said.

While MORE Power focuses on the welfare of its employees, Castro stressed that the business organization is geared towards good service to Ilonggo consumers.

"We want each and everyone to be treating our consumers the highest respect, the best-accorded service that we can give to our consumers. That is how I treat all of you. We are giving you the best because we want you to give the best to our consumers," Castro said.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused employment instability, job loss, and displacement of workers. The regularization of MORE employees, who came from the previous power distribution utility, gave the employees another chance at a meaningful career and a stable source of income for their respective families.

Zach Golez

A lifestyle blogger based in Iloilo City

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