Iloilo To Ramp Up Economic Recovery Starting With An Investment Forum On Dec. 9-10

Iloilo is on the move for economic recovery and an introductory Investment Forum is set to ramp up the effort starting December 9 to 10, 2020 in Iloilo City.

The Iloilo Investment Forum 2020 is being organized by the Iloilo Provincial Government, the Iloilo City Government, and the Iloilo Economic Development Foundation, Inc. (ILEDF), and in collaboration with three regional agencies, namely: Department of Agriculture, Department of Trade and Industry, and Department of Tourism.

"Reimagining Iloilo's next economy and transforming it into a resilient sector is now imperative. There is no other time to align the local economy back on its high-growth track than today," said Terence S. Uygongco, chairman of ILEDF.

According to the business group, Iloilo possesses the fundamentals to realize the national government's "new thinking" in agriculture development which pushes a modified focus from advancing specific crops towards overall wellness of the rural sector in terms of resilience, competitiveness, and sustainability.

"This new thinking is expected to be spotlighted in the Iloilo Investment Forum 2020 considering our vibrant rural economy. Iloilo's exemplary quality of place makes it an ideal environment to start, recover, and grow business," Uygongco shared.

The Iloilo Investment Forum 2020 is designed to show Iloilo's various potentials for agribusiness investments. It will be a good venue for investors to identify opportunities in the area of agriculture, tourism, and digital economy, among many major areas that are worth pursuing investment.

A three-part forum

The business forum in December is a kick-off for the three part series event. Part two will be comprised of business meetings set between January to February 2021 and it will be capped by part three which is an international investment forum in March 2021.

The business meetings will offer a venue for potential investment locators to identify specific opportunities and match them with priority commodities. In addition, this is also the time for business groups and Local Government Units to prepare and discuss project briefs where priority commodities are situated.

The International Investment Forum set on March 2021 is a networking opportunity in the area of food processing, agribusiness logistics centers, and light processing and manufacturing industry to absorb production of other areas or regions.

An online event with an on-the-venue activity

The Iloilo Investment Forum is a two-half days event. It will be available online through Zoom and it will also be live-streamed through Facebook from a hotel venue in Iloilo City. More details on this will be released soon.

The on-venue activity will be limited for pre-identified participants in compliance with the health protocol requirements as outlined by the Inter-Agency Task Force and by the Provincial and Local Governments of Iloilo.

Invited to speak on various topics during the forum are national and local political and business leaders, and industry experts.

Register to attend online

The Iloilo Investment Forum is a free event. Visit the event website to learn more about the event, the program, and the speakers at

Interested participants need to register in order to gain access to the forum. You can register at

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