Empowering Filipino Youth with Informed Educational and Career Paths through Edukasyon.ph’s Innovative Platform

Edukasyon.ph, the largest education tech platform in the Philippines and one of the finalists in the 2020 Emerge X Startup Competition, is partnering with Microsoft to accelerate growth in the education ecosystem, enabling more Filipinos to achieve their education and career goals.

“Obtaining meaningful employment for our Filipino youth starts with getting the right education and being supported by the appropriate resources,” said Grace David, Edukasyon.ph Chief Executive Officer. “Edukasyon’s holistic online education platform empowers Filipino youth with the most powerful array of information and relevant resources regarding courses, schools, scholarships, and much more so they can make career decisions aligned to their passions and interests while also finding jobs the market demands.”

Every year, 1.5 million students graduate from high school in the Philippines. Out of this, 900,000 pursue higher education, and only 600,000 are able to graduate because the rest drop out due to financial constraints or because they chose the wrong course. And only half of college graduates gain employment because they went to low-quality schools or have taken degrees that are not in demand in the job market. Edukasyon.ph aims to address this challenge by providing students a platform where they can access a wide range of resources that will guide their path from education to reaching successful careers.

“Edukasyon’s platform provides millions of Filipino students convenient access to an abundance of resources and also personalized guidance on education, allowing them to make informed decisions that lead to fulfilling careers", said Abid Zaidi, Chief Marketing & Operations Officer at Microsoft Philippines. “Education is a key component of Microsoft’s national agenda and we’re working intensively to ensure we democratize technology inclusively to drive that agenda forward.”

Since its launch in 2015, Edukasyon.ph has attracted 10 million visitors a year and has over 650,000 registered users. The online platform enables students to access senior high schools, colleges and universities, scholarships, online courses, internships, and other learning resources, empowering them to create and accelerate their own paths towards their careers.

Edukasyon.ph is one of the finalists in Microsoft’s inaugural regional Emerge X competition held at the Philippine Startup week last year. As an Emerge X startup, Eduaksyon.ph will be part of a year-long mentorship program with Microsoft for Startups designed to help them scale and accelerate their growth. Edukasyon.ph will also receive GitHub and Azure credits, gain access to enterprise clients globally through Microsoft’s unique co-sell program, and interact with Microsoft experts and industry leaders.

“Being part of the Emerge X program allows us to have global access to the latest technologies, learnings, and tools available from Microsoft, which we can integrate into our platform. This will enable us to grow and focus on bigger things,” said Edukasyon.ph’s David.

Moving forward, Edukasyon.ph aims to accelerate its efforts in harnessing digital literacy to learners and educators. Digital literacy has become essential to educational attainment and employment as the Covid-19 pandemic has redefined the skills needed in the job market. Digital skilling and upskilling are endeavors where Edukasyon.ph and Microsoft can further expand their partnership to open up more opportunities for Filipinos to develop 21st-century skills.

To learn more about Edukasyon's platform, please see the link.
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