Beko appliances are eco-friendly and help people live healthier lives

Guided by the belief that healthy living is only possible on a healthy planet, global appliance brand Beko continues to innovate and develop products that will make consumers’ lives healthier and more convenient.
Beko is always looking for new technologies that help preserve nature and allow people to live a healthy lifestyle.

HarvestFresh technology in Beko refrigerators has a 3-colour technology that mimics the 24-hour sun-cycle inside the crisper, preserving vitamins for longer. This unique feature inside your crisper will allow you to enjoy nutritious meals and a healthier lifestyle.

Beko’s washers with ProSmart Inverter Motor not only use 30% less energy than EPA standards, but the water level sensor makes sure no water is ever wasted. Meanwhile, the dryers have revolutionary closed-loop heat exchange system that reuse the hot air during drying cycles, conserving energy as well as over 50% in savings compared to conventional dryers.

Beko was named one of the Real Leaders Top 200 Impact Companies of 2022. The company was given the recognition because of the beneficial and environmental impact of their products and all the work they are doing.

Beko’s product portfolio integrates recycled materials, bio-composites, and detergent-saving technologies. The sustainable products, which include a washing machine/washer dryer, oven, tumble dryer, refrigerator, espresso coffee maker, and dishwashers, were created to make a significant difference in people’s lives.

For the EcoFiber Oven, for instance, plastic pieces such as door decor plastic and display cover were made with five percent recovered fishnet waste and 65 percent industrial thread waste. For the Ecotub Washing Machine & Washer Dryer, up to 60 recycled 0.5L PET bottles while AutoDose Dishwasher delivers the exact amount of detergent every time, and it uses up to 28% less detergent every wash.

“As the world marks World Environment Day, we at Beko continue to adapt our existing technologies to make all our appliances more environmentally friendly as we help ensure a more sustainable future for the next generations,” said Gürhan Günal, Country Manager of Beko Pilipinas Corporation.

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