Iloilo City: The Art Capital of the Philippines

The Iloilo City Government, under the direction of Mayor Jerry P. Treñas, is actively promoting the metropolis as the Art Capital of the Philippines

“Part of my personal dream for the city is to make Iloilo an art capital, thru public art all over the city. I met almost all of our Ilonggo artists and asked help on how to make my dream possible,” said Treñas.

Ilonggo artists have used the city's walls and spaces as a canvas for their paintings and murals. These masterpieces helped raised public awareness and appreciation of the arts while also serving as additional attractions for tourists and visitors.

Treñas loves art and thinks it's a great way to take care of oneself and one's mental health.

“During this pandemic, we were able to give positive energies through our art while providing a source of living to our Ilonggo artists,” he said.

Iloilo Arts Festival

The Iloilo City Local Culture and Arts Council (ICLCAC) and its Committee on Cultural Heritage Conservation were established by an Executive Order issued by the city mayor. These organizations will spearhead initiatives, projects and events

The initiative is a partnership between the City Government, national government agencies, artist groups, academic institutions, and private sector partners

The mayor met with the members of the council and began planning the proposed schedule of activities for the entire year, with the Iloilo Arts Festival in October serving as the focal point for a grand celebration of various arts.

These will cover arts including cinema, drama, literary, visual, dance, music, and architecture. 

Filmmaking and screening of locally produced short films in newly renovated plazas, mural restoration, art education, book launch, poetry reading, bike tours, photo contests, design competitions, exhibits, cultural mapping, concerts, performances, lecture workshops, symposiums, and awards are among the initial plans.

The annual arts and cultural heritage plan strives to nurture and sustain local talents while also preserving Ilonggo traditions for future generations to enjoy.

Zach Golez

A lifestyle blogger based in Iloilo City


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