BDO Unibank focuses on sustainability, continues to support green companies

BDO Unibank reaffirms its commitment to sustainability by continuing to fund notable projects that facilitate climate resilience and promote inclusive growth. As a key contributor in helping the Philippine economy, the Bank recognizes the need of supporting environmentally friendly infrastructure and green buildings in order to decrease carbon footprint.

Menarco Development Corporation (MDC), a multi-award winning and internationally recognized real estate developer and property management firm, takes a leading role in promoting a more sustainable environment. MDC's first project, Menarco Tower, a commercial building located at 32nd Street in Bonifacio Global City, is the embodiment of Menarco's commitment to people and the planet. Menarco is built better because of its efficient use of water and energy, which includes motion sensors, energy recovery for outdoor air supply, double-glazed glass, greywater recycling, and drip irrigation for its edible garden. It can also withstand the strongest typhoons and earthquakes due to its solid structural integrity.

“Menarco Tower is not just green but also healthy. A building focused on sustainability and on the well-being of the people is key to a united vision which leads to a strong company, to nation building, and to preserving the planet for future generations,” says Carmen G. Jimenez-Ong, CEO of Menarco Development Corporation.

Menarco Tower is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certified and has won Best Green Development at the Southeast Asia Property Awards and the Philippine Property Awards. LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership. Menarco is the only developer in the Philippines which currently has 5 international certifications.

“It was during the pandemic when we realized that we needed the help of a bank for our cash management requirements. Our previous loan was not structured according to the asset and BDO provided the right loan package to match loan repayment. BDO listens and truly finds ways! Our Chairman Emeritus (Menardo Jimenez) can be demanding and precise with his needs and wants. BDO took good care of their relationship with the family to keep him content.” shares Jimenez-Ong.

The CEO of Menarco cites, “A good relationship with a bank is like sustenance. Knowing that they are around to support our next endeavor provides assurance. We rely on our bank relationships to help us with our daily activities, maximize assets, and now with digitization processes — it makes us dependent on banks to ensure our payments are done on time. We know that BDO wants us to succeed in our business and they are our partner in finding a win-win situation,” concludes Jimenez-Ong.

Menarco Tower and BDO Unibank share the same vision. The bank's steadfast commitment to sustainability is shown in its 47-story BDO Corporate Center (BDO CCO) Ortigas office complex, which is also LEED certified. It is the first high-rise office commercial building in the Philippines to achieve a LEED Gold “New Construction Category” Certification. To save energy, BDO CCO's building contains automated monitoring and control systems such as CO2 sensors, occupancy sensors, daylight dimming, and timer switches. The plumbing system also features dual pipes and uses recycled water for flushing.

BDO Unibank supports sustainable businesses because it is a great way to give back to the environment, and the Bank's investment in green buildings presents opportunities for economic growth.
Zach Golez

A lifestyle blogger based in Iloilo City

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