Reimagine and Recreate Life’s Milestones with RR Production

We hold memorable milestones dear to our hearts-birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, special company events- for a reason. In any shape or form, these moments represent our continuous growth throughout life. In this fast-paced world, we often rush and jump to another task, forgetting to congratulate and reward ourselves. Or yet, we sometimes forget to capture these.

Let that be less of your worries now. With RR Production, you can capture the moment and turn them into treasured memories you can always come back to. Photographs and videos of our wondrous moments spent with our colleagues, families, and friends are far more valuable than the most expensive jewelry on this planet.

Raw emotions, real people

RR Productions captures the best bits of life through the lens. A homegrown brand, RR Production is the top preferred photo and video services provider for both personal milestones and corporate campaigns. 

RR Productions is best known for its top-tier wedding photography and videography services. Just like any successful business, it was founded from passion and held intact by friendship. The man behind this prestigious brand is Ryan Rivera, who says “started from the bottom, now they’re here”. 

Rivera graduated as a nurse. However, he expressed to his parents his growing passion for photography, which became apparent right after he took the licensure exam. He started as a freelancer and nurtured his dreams in his small shop which housed a borrowed camera and a broken laptop.

The RR Production Team

Creative, motivated, hardworking: these three words perfectly describe the RR Productions’ dream team, which is composed of wonderful talents, namely Ryan Rivera, Momoy Rivera, Omar Alkonga, Vin Escosia, Jefferson Elumba, Juan Paolo Sison, Kent Jovan Alar, and Colleen Joy Rivera, among others.

With a big dream looming above, the friendship of this talented pool of people was bound tight by one common vision: to serve clients with excellent services. “Our team has grown reliable that our editors know what to do if they are paired up with a shooter. They also work well together onsite and offsite. This working environment also sparks tons of inspiration for our editors.”, the team stated.

While shooting, the team takes risks with the angles and carries a playful vibe to create beautiful camera shots. Their prowess allowed them to capture the best memories and scenarios all throughout the globe. “We lost count of how many countries we visited for a shoot. But, we visited Singapore, Korea, Japan, and Australia to name a few,” the team expounded. 

With RR Productions, it’s like standing still in a timeless dream

Each shooting plan is meticulously prepared down to the last detail. The team makes good use of their creative vantage point to conceptualize and produce images and films. Numerous customers seek for RR Productions’ masterpieces because each finished product has a hint of subtle reality, making the experience more authentic.

More photographers, videographers, and editors are joining the team as it expands. The RR Production team always succeeds in capturing every client’s distinctive preferences by keeping these values in mind: Filling every story with a bit of nostalgia, pursuing brilliance, saving keepsakes for tomorrow, putting love at the center stage, celebrating like every moment is a festivity, and capturing each moment’s humanity.
Zach Golez

A lifestyle blogger based in Iloilo City

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