Level Up Local Economies: Public-Private Partnerships Revitalize Markets

The Iloilo Terminal Market is set to undergo a major transformation, thanks to the support of SM Prime Holdings, one of the country's leading mall operators. The market, which has long been known for its congested and unsanitary conditions, will finally see much-needed improvements to its infrastructure and facilities.

Robelyn Bataanon, a vegetable dealer at the market, is just one of many vendors who are excited about the changes to come. "Pabor man ako kay at least ang mga tawo makadto na gid diri kay matinlo na mo, unlike subong nga gabaha, ang mga tawo sa mall nalang makadto. Kon makayo na ang supermarket, matinlo na ti ang tanan diri na mamalaklon kay mahamot na," she said. "Gapasalamat ko kay Mayor pila naman ka tuig nga ginamuno-muno nga kayuhon ang Super, subong pa lang na aprubahan. Salamat gid kay Mayor, at least mabag-o na ang Iloilo Terminal Market."

The market's vendors are also looking forward to the increased foot traffic that the improved market is expected to bring. "Ang merkado nga aton ginahandum, ululupod naton nga tumanon!" said Robelyn.

The renovation project is expected to begin in the coming months and is expected to be completed within a year. The improved market will feature wider corridors, better ventilation, and improved sanitation facilities, among other things.

The Iloilo Terminal Market is a vital part of the city's economy, and the improvements to its infrastructure and facilities will not only benefit the vendors but also the customers and the city as a whole. The market serves as a major source of fresh produce and other goods for the city's residents and businesses.

With the support of SM Prime Holdings and the commitment of the vendors, the Iloilo Terminal Market is poised to become a model for other markets in the country.
Zach Golez

A lifestyle blogger based in Iloilo City

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