How BDO Empowers Breadwinners to Succeed in Life

For breadwinners, being able to provide for their families is a massive source of joy, pride and purpose. 

In a typical Filipino household, the breadwinner is the primary wage earner who is responsible for making decisions on how to spend money.

Aside from giving financial assistance and supplying the goods the family needs, they are also the main emotional supporters of the family in difficult times.

Most likely, breadwinners are the eldest children in the household. 

Being the family’s main earner entails a huge responsibility. But for Laura, this equates to her sense of happiness and purpose.  She takes on the role as the main provider, given that she is the eldest child of a family of three. 

As a young professional who works an 8 to 5 job (which she loves), nothing matters more than pursuing her passion while supporting her family in the province. Every payday, she is able to send money minus the hassle of long queues, thanks to BDO Online Banking. Money transfers and bills payments are all possible at any time and place. 

This app has been of big help for her, given that her senior citizen mother has medications and doctor’s appointments in the city. Even without having cash in her wallet, Laura can just swipe or tap her card to make payments. 

With BDO, transferring money especially in times of emergency and purchasing medicine and goods can be done quick and easy with just a swipe. You don’t even have to worry about cashing out because there are many ATM outlets around the city. Checking your savings won’t even take you hours because you can do it on your phone. 

BDO has proven its worth countless of times for Laura. In one instance, her mother encountered an emergency at past 6 in the evening and needed medicine right there and then. Luckily, her mother was with her in their apartment in the city when this happened. 

Panicking, Laura wasn’t able to withdraw cash. Instead, she went to a nearby mall to buy the medicine she needed. Good thing, the pharmacy accepted online payment. That was one of the most remarkable moments when BDO has helped saved lives. 

Aside from being diligent in her responsibilities, Laura also finds time to treat herself after a long day or week at work. BDO helps her find it easy to keep track of her money and makes eating out and shopping convenient. Since most food chains and malls accept online payments, leisure is more enjoyable. 

Aside from being a reliable buddy in times of emergency, BDO also helps make simple moments memorable. Sometimes, when special occasions rise or on weekends, she would take her mother and brother to the mall and have lunch at their favorite fast-food chain and pay online. They would also go shopping for stuff and buy groceries.  

Being in the province doesn’t hinder Laura from enjoying the benefits of BDO banking.  When she runs out of cash, she goes to her trusted sari-sari store with a Cash Agad outlet to withdraw money.  With just a cheap amount of charge, she can withdraw her money and go to the market to buy her needs. 

Folks in the provinces won’t need to go to the city or other towns to withdraw cash. BDO has brought convenience near to the common people and helped them enjoy hassle-free transactions with just a low charge rate. 

Every time Laura goes to the market, she would see some people, young and old alike, queueing at her favorite sari-sari store. These Cash Agad outlets are quite easy to spot, though. The signs are big enough, and if your eyes are quite blurred, you just need to spot the yellow and blue signage- you can never go wrong with that. 

For young professionals and breadwinners like Laura, BDO’s services has truly helped her fulfill her responsibilities and enjoyment and enjoy a work-life balance. 

She has been a user BDO for the past 5 years. This was the chosen bank of her employers. Most of her friends and relatives also prefer BDO not just for convenience but for its dependability and promptness in addressing client issues. Also, BDO is quick in processing different customer needs like opening accounts and processing lost cards. It also gives perks to loyal users. 

With today’s vast choice of banking apps, it’s quite difficult to find the one you can trust. Laura, however, found confidence in BDO to entrust her finances with. Through her personal experiences with the said bank, she can attest that BDO prioritizes their clients’ needs and tailors their services according to their users’ unique needs. It’s not just helping professionals and families, but also provides a platform for small and big business owners to easily handle payments and expenses minus the hassle of on hand cash payments, manual money transfers, and meet ups. 

You don’t even have to worry about not having change since you can pay the exact amount through online bank transfers. Imagine the time and effort saved through online banking.

BDO understands young professionals like Laura who work in the city and go home in their humble provincial homes in the weekend. With its convenient services that can be enjoyed remotely, it has helped save, change, and improve the lives of its users.  

It's no wonder why more and more people are switching to online banking lately, especially to BDO. Its efficient services are very much worthy of word-of-mouth referrals, making it a household name. It earned its edge at brand awareness due to its modern features and ease of accessibility. 

BDO unites families, helps breadwinners win at life, improves its users way of living, enables entrepreneurs to have easy business transactions, and most of all connects people and lives across distances. 

Time, distance, location, and individual choices do not stop BDO from reaching out and serving its purpose of providing easy, convenient, and portable banking. BDO knows how to be there for its clients right when they need it the most. Indeed, it finds ways.  
Zach Golez

A lifestyle blogger based in Iloilo City

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