Watch Out As Beko Celebrates Its Anniversary This Month With Exciting Discount Offers

The global appliance brand has been thriving ever since they have been launched here in the Philippines, constantly aiming to help the customers in pursuing a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

To celebrate its anniversary in the Philippines, leading global appliance brand Beko is throwing an anniversary sale for customers with up to 30% on selected appliances.

For cooking appliances, the discounts range from 15%-30% for cookers and ovens of different sizes and with different features. 

Beko offers multifunctional ovens, which is truly a good thing in the kitchen. Multifunctional ovens provide multiple heating elements positioned in different areas which are used to speed up the cooking time and allow food to be cooked evenly in various ways in a quicker time.

For The Busy Bees In The Kitchen

Are you a busy bee in the kitchen? Look no further, since the GMI5321DXNS is a 90cm cooking range with four gas and one wok burner. 

It has a multifunctional oven that allows you to cook two different dishes at the same time, this feature will surely save more of your time at home. It offers seven different cooking functions such as defrosting, electric grill, full grill, and bottom heating.

Want to bake pizza and pastries? You may try out its bottom heating setting as this emits heat from below to ensure the base is cooked through.

Want to prepare a chicken or fish for your family reunion? Surely, you’ll love the full grill function as it can give your chicken and fish a crispy crust once it’s cooked.

You can get this cooker at 30% off for only Php 52,493 from its original price of Php 74,990.

Want to get a clear view of your food while spending quality time with your family? Of course, Beko’s got your back! The home baker will have fun with the BIM25301X, 60cm built-in oven with 71L multifunctional oven. 

Its oven provides you with a defrosting function which allows you to cool down frozen food, conventional cooking function and which is ideal for roasting chicken and large cuts of meat. 

Cleaning ovens may sound like a hassle, but this built-in oven also includes SteamShine technology which is a great way of cleaning without any harsh chemicals, ensuring that your oven will stay clean and strong for a long time.

This has a sturdy door for carrying heavy dishes & cookware that’s ready to support a huge load of food, as heavy as 22.5 kg. This is 20% more than standard oven doors so you can rest your hot pot on the open oven door while you take a short rest.

This has a 22% discount for a promo price of Php 19,491 from Php 24,990.

Talking about food and savings, another tip from Beko is that you can now cut down your grocery schedules of time to time visits at the supermarkets by having Beko's hero technology on its crisper, the HarvestFresh. It has an innovative 3 color light technology that cleverly mimics the 24-hour cycle of the sun. This process allows your food to be in its natural habitat making them last so you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle with more nutritious meals for you and for your family.

And since it's the anniversary month of Beko, the GN0563E50HFKPH which is a 19.8 cu.ft Side by Side Refrigerator can be yours at Php 47,592 from Php 55,990.

Save More Time In Doing Laundry!

There are substantial discounts of 22%-30% on the laundry appliances, including the 10 kg ProSmart Inverter Frontload Washing Machine, WCV10746M. Beko promises to provide a safe and healthier lifestyle and that includes the necessities around you, your clothes. That’s why, worry no more because this washing machine can give upto 99.9% allergen free guarantee on your clothes and it’s possible because of its unique technology, the SteamCure Hygiene+.  

SteamCure Hygiene+ technology uses steam in softening stubborn and even dried up stains. The steam is released from the bottom of a Beko washing machine’s drum right before it starts the wash cycle, making it an effective pre-treatment for stains.

Another batch of steam is released after the wash cycle. This helps smoothen out any unwanted creases and folds in clothes. This program also sanitizes and kills bacteria on garments, so every home stays safe and clean.

The WCV10746M includes the Xpress Super Short 14 Min Programme which allows you to wash up to 2 kg of laundry in just 14 minutes. 

It has a promo price of Php 34,993 with 30% discount off from its SRP of Php 49,990. 

Say Hello To Beko’s Small Appliances

Beko also offers 19-31% off on their small appliances! Enjoy your food without its soggy feeling with the Beko FRL2942. This air fryer contains an oil measurement spoon that lets you measure how much oil to use, so your food comes out deliciously crisp and healthy. 

It has a promo price of Php 3,690 with 19% discount off from its SRP of Php 2,991. 

Need your caffeine fix? The CEG5311X has an integrated milk frother that gives you the perfect cappuccino or cafe latte cup.

The machine has adjustable nozzle height which allows you to enjoy your espresso in different cup sizes, from small (40 mL) to medium (120 mL) to large (190 mL). It also has anti-sleep feet that secures the machine from falling.

It has a promo price of Php 16,591 with 21% discount off from its SRP of Php 20,990.

Beko’s anniversary sale will be running from February 20 until March 31, 2023. So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate the joy of Beko’s 3rd year anniversary with their ongoing sale! 

Beko appliances are available at All Home, Anson's, Appliance Centrum, Asian Home Appliance, Automatic Centre, Fair N Square, Gloria Bazaar, Great World, HAT, J Marketing, Lazada, Magic Appliance, Manhattan Appliance, Manila Imperial, Mike's Appliances, Pricewise, Robinsons Appliance, Savers, Shopee, SM Appliance, Solidmark, S&R (Gidi), Western Appliance, and 1st Megasaver.

For more information about Beko in the Philippines, go to or visit their Facebook page at and their Instagram page at

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