Everything You Need to Know About Manggahan Festival 2023

Guimaras, a province nestled in the Philippines, is getting ready to celebrate its annual extravaganza—the Manggahan Festival 2023. This highly anticipated event pays homage to the province's abundant mango harvest and promises to be bigger, better, and more exciting than ever before. With a plethora of activities, events, and promotions planned for visitors, this year's festival is set to create lasting memories for all attendees.

Commencing on April 29 and continuing until May 22, which coincides with the provincehood day of Guimaras, the Manggahan Festival spans a month of vibrant celebrations. To accommodate the influx of visitors, additional ports, roads, and ferry trips have been approved and opened, ensuring smooth transportation for festival-goers.

A major highlight of the festival is the much-anticipated "unli-mango eating" activity, where visitors can indulge in as many mangoes as their hearts desire. To enhance the experience, a special "gold card" is available for purchase at P500. The gold card provides holders with a priority pass to the activity, along with a range of perks such as ferry fare, transportation, registration, a refreshing mango shake, bottled water, and a stylish mango folded fan—a delightful keepsake to remember the festival.

As the popularity of the festival grows each year, accommodations in Guimaras are quickly filling up. To avoid any inconvenience, visitors are advised to book their accommodations well in advance and secure their spot in the heart of the celebrations.

Unlike many crowded events, the Manggahan Festival ensures that visitors can enjoy uninterrupted communication throughout the festivities, with no signal jam issues. This means attendees can share their incredible experiences with friends and family in real-time, capturing the essence of the festival through social media using the hashtags #MangoesAndMore, #ManggahanFestival, #ManggahanFestival2023, #Manggahan2023, and #Guimaras.

While the festival revolves around the delectable mango, it offers much more than just fruit indulgence. Visitors can explore the Agri-Fishery & Eco-Tourism Expo held at the Capitol Grounds, where a diverse range of mango delicacies, plants, art pieces, and more await discovery. This expo provides a unique opportunity to delve into the rich agricultural and ecological heritage of Guimaras, offering a deeper understanding of the region's mango industry.

In addition to the Expo, the Manggahan Festival features a plethora of exciting events that cater to various interests. Sports enthusiasts can witness the thrilling Celebrity Basketball on May 13, where prominent personalities showcase their skills on the court. Dance enthusiasts, on the other hand, can revel in the energy and creativity of the Manggahan Street Dance Battle on May 14. This battle of rhythmic moves and vibrant costumes adds a dynamic flair to the festival atmosphere.

On May 17-18, the Mango Harvest Festival takes center stage, providing a unique opportunity to witness the traditional methods and customs associated with mango cultivation. This event not only celebrates the bountiful harvest but also pays tribute to the hardworking farmers who contribute to Guimaras' mango industry.

May 18 holds a special treat for visitors—the highly anticipated Miss Guimaras 2023 pageant. Representatives from each municipality of Guimaras compete for the prestigious title, showcasing their intelligence, beauty, and grace. The Miss Guimaras pageant is a celebration of the local women who embody the spirit and charm of the province.

On May 20, visitors of all ages can participate in the Manggahan Color Fun Run 2023. This lively and colorful event brings together fitness enthusiasts and families, creating an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie as participants make their way through the vibrant streets of Guimaras.

Sports fans can look forward to May 21, as the Provincial Capitol Gym hosts the Philippine Basketball League (PBL). Witnessing top basketball talents competing in this prestigious league is an experience not to be missed. The same day, the Provincial Government Night will captivate attendees with a lineup of celebrated celebrities including Taw, Joey G., Showtime Girls, and Salbakuta, providing a night of entertainment and enjoyment.

The pinnacle of the Manggahan Festival arrives on May 22, where the much-anticipated Manggahan Street Dance Competition and Manggahan Cultural Competition take place. Visitors will be enthralled by the vibrant costumes, infectious beats, and mesmerizing dance routines as talented performers showcase the rich cultural heritage of Guimaras. The festivities reach their climax with a dazzling fireworks display that illuminates the night sky, followed by electrifying performances by renowned bands Mayonnaise and Rivermaya, providing an unforgettable conclusion to the festival.

The Manggahan Festival 2023 invites everyone to experience the sweetness of Guimaras and join in the excitement. From indulging in unlimited mangoes to immersing oneself in cultural exhibitions and thrilling events, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The festival offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the province's most iconic fruit and appreciate the hard work of the local community.

Guimaras, with its rich mango heritage and vibrant festivities, beckons travelers to embrace the joy, flavor, and cultural richness of the Manggahan Festival. Whether it's savoring the succulent mangoes, immersing oneself in the pulsating rhythms of the street dances, or reveling in captivating performances, the festival promises an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of Guimaras' sweetness. So mark your calendars and join in the fun at the Manggahan Festival 2023!
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