Grand Canyon Multi Holdings, Inc. Welcomes Mitsubishi Motors as Flagship Brand

Known for being a multi-brand dealer of automotive products and services, Grand Canyon Multi Holdings, Inc. (GCMHI) has taken a significant step forward by adding Mitsubishi Motors as its flagship brand. This expansion has made a nationwide impact, solidifying Grand Canyon's position as a top pick in the automotive industry. With a new dealership in the city and two additional display showrooms in popular malls, the company is set to offer bigger and better options to its customers.

Grand Canyon Multi Holdings, Inc. has always prided itself on being home to some of the biggest brands in the world, including Chevrolet, MG, KIA, and Volkswagen, among others. The addition of Mitsubishi Motors further enhances their portfolio, bringing more variety and choices to their valued customers.

On February 15, Grand Canyon Multi Holdings, Inc. celebrated 30 years of tenure in the automotive industry with an event called GRAND CANYON V2.0, held at the Iloilo Convention Center. The event not only commemorated their milestone but also served as a relaunch, gathering influential personalities from the city, such as political figures, bank partners, vloggers, beauty pageant representatives, and members of the press.

GRAND CANYON V2.0 was a grand affair featuring live dance and musical performances, cocktails, and an impressive display of automobiles from each of its brands. The occasion also served as the perfect opportunity to unveil the latest additions to their lineup. The KIA Grand Carnival, MG GT, and Mitsubishi Xpander Cross were officially launched and introduced to the public, attracting attention from photographers eager to capture every angle of these remarkable vehicles.

During the event, Grand Canyon Multi Holdings, Inc. proudly presented its new corporate slogan, "#GustoKoGrandCanyon," which translates to "I want Grand Canyon" in English. This slogan embodies the desire for a particular brand or object, reflecting the clients' aspiration to acquire the best that the automotive industry has to offer. Since its introduction, the slogan has gained popularity not only on social media but also among Grand Canyon's various brands, becoming a lifestyle statement in itself.

Expanding its reach further, Mitsubishi Grand Canyon Iloilo established pop-up showrooms in both Robinsons Mall Iloilo and SM City Iloilo in the weeks following the celebration. These showrooms provided potential clients with the opportunity to explore the offerings of the renowned Mitsubishi brand and inquire about exclusive deals available only through Grand Canyon.

As time progresses, the people of Iloilo can anticipate a plethora of exciting promotions and offerings from Grand Canyon. With new brands, expanded showrooms, and exclusive deals, Grand Canyon Multi Holdings, Inc. has entered a new era, promising a fresh experience for their valued customers.

Get ready, Ilonggos, for this new era filled with enticing deals and a plethora of automotive delights—Grand Canyon has something special in store for you!
Zach Golez

A lifestyle blogger based in Iloilo City

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