Say Goodbye to Tangled Wires: MORE Power unveils plan for underground cabling in Calle Real

The Calle Real area in Iloilo City is set to bid farewell to its tangled mess of overhead wires as More Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power) takes the initiative to implement an Underground Distribution System (UDS) in the region.

In a collaborative effort with the Iloilo City Government, MORE Power recently conducted a groundbreaking ceremony at Sunburst Park, J.M. Basa Street, Iloilo City, marking the commencement of the underground cabling project for power and other utilities along Calle Real. This endeavor aligns with MORE Power's commitment to support urban development projects while preserving the city's cultural and heritage values.

"This part and parcel of MORE Power's commitment to the city. We are very supportive of the projects of the city especially in the preservation of its cultural and heritage value," said MORE Power President Roel Z. Castro.

The UDS project encompasses three crucial phases, each playing a vital role in its successful execution. Phase 1 primarily focuses on Civil works, which presents the project's most significant challenges. Phase 2 revolves around Electrical works, including cable laying and termination. Finally, Phase 3 marks the removal of existing overhead lines and structures.

"It is after the completion of Phase 3 that the true beauty and effectiveness of the UDS project will be fully realized," said Engr. Bailey Del Castillo, MORE Power Vice President for Network Development and Operations.

The project is divided into three distinct sections, with Section 1 initiating at the corner of Arroyo and J.M. Basa Streets. Sections 2 and 3 will extend all the way up to Plaza Libertad, concluding at the corner of Zamora Street. This comprehensive undertaking spans nearly one kilometer in total length.

To ensure the project's excellence, MORE Power has enlisted the expertise of Fibernet KonstruktCorp (FKC), a world-class company specializing in advanced Horizontal Directional Drilling Construction for underground duct and cable installations. With an allocated budget of ₱96.4 million, the project is projected to be completed within 240 days.

"By moving our power lines underground, we are embracing a new era of progress and addressing the challenges that come with urban development. This project aligns with our commitment to ensuring a secure environment for all. Furthermore, this will maximize the beauty of our 'jewels', the heritage structures in Calle Real," said Mayor Jerry TreƱas.

The resilience of the city's infrastructure will be greatly improved, providing uninterrupted power to homes, businesses, hospitals, and schools that will foster economic growth, attract new investments, and create a favorable environment for businesses to thrive, he added.

The implementation of the Underground Distribution System (UDS) in Calle Real signifies a significant step towards enhancing the aesthetics, safety, and functionality of the area. The removal of overhead wires will not only eliminate the unsightly sight of tangled spaghetti wires but also contribute to a more organized and visually appealing streetscape. By embracing this modern underground cabling solution, MORE Power and its partners demonstrate their dedication to the sustainable development and progress of Iloilo City.
Zach Golez

A lifestyle blogger based in Iloilo City

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