Guide to the best dining deals in the Metro

When it comes to dining out and indulging in a plethora of culinary delights, restaurant and hotel buffets offer an unparalleled experience. From international cuisines to local delicacies, these establishments provide a feast for the senses. 

In this guide, we explore some of the finest buffet offerings that will surely satisfy even the most discerning palates and keep you in the loop on the exclusive deals you can take advantage of.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Café 1228 is known for its extensive buffet spread that combines global flavors with local favorites. The restaurant offers a diverse range of options, from fresh seafood and sushi to delectable desserts. With live cooking stations and a vibrant ambiance, Café 1228 provides a delightful dining experience for both casual meals and special occasions.

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WHAT TO EXPECT: The Pantry offers a lavish buffet that showcases a wide array of international cuisines. From mouthwatering Thai dishes to Mediterranean delights, guests can embark on a culinary journey around the world. The Pantry also features live cooking stations where talented chefs prepare dishes to perfection, ensuring an interactive and memorable dining experience.

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Vikings Group (Vikings, NIU by Vikings, and The Alley)

WHAT TO EXPECT: Vikings Group is a well-known name in the buffet scene, with multiple branches across the Philippines. Their extensive selection of dishes caters to various tastes and preferences. From succulent grilled meats to fresh seafood. Don't miss their delectable desserts and unique drink offerings, which add the perfect finishing touch to your buffet experience.

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WHAT TO EXPECT: Seasonal Tastes is a captivating buffet restaurant that promises an exceptional culinary experience. The buffet spread is meticulously curated and offers an array of delectable dishes that cater to various tastes and dietary preferences. From fresh seafood and premium meats to vibrant salad and vegetarian options. Save room for the exquisite dessert selection. From luscious cakes, creamy pastries, artisanal ice cream, and more. 

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WHAT TO EXPECT: Seven Corners at Crowne Plaza is a culinary haven offering an extensive buffet selection that caters to all tastes. From mouthwatering roasts and grilled meats to a variety of Asian and Western dishes, the restaurant ensures a diverse culinary experience. Seven Corners also boasts a dessert station filled with treats that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

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WHAT TO EXPECT: Xin Tian Di provides a unique twist to the buffet experience by showcasing an array of authentic Cantonese dimsum delights. From xiao long bao, hakaw, scallop dumplings, cheung fun to hot prawn salad, sweet and sour porkloin or steamed fish fillet in garlic sauce, guests can enjoy the rich and flavorful offerings of this buffet. The elegant setting and attentive service add to the overall dining experience, making Xin Tian Di a must-visit for lovers of Chinese cuisine.

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WHAT TO EXPECT: Spiral is renowned for its opulent and extravagant buffet spread. With its 21 dining ateliers, guests can indulge in an extensive selection of dishes representing various cuisines from around the world. From fresh seafood and prime cuts of meat to artisanal bread and pastries, Spiral offers an unforgettable culinary journey. The restaurant's elegant ambiance and impeccable service make it an ideal choice for special occasions and celebrations.

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Dining out at restaurants and hotel buffets is an opportunity to embark on a gastronomic adventure. Each of the featured establishments offers a unique experience, showcasing a delightful range of flavors and cuisines. So, the next time you crave an indulgent dining experience, explore these buffet destinations with your BDO Credit and Debit Card.

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