ILOMOCA Presents: Antipas Delotavo's 20th Solo Exhibition

For over 48 years, Antipas Delotavo has made his mark in the shaping, strengthening, and development of Philippine art and culture not only in his hometown but also nationwide. He is decked with awards by local and international institutions and continues to be recognized by his style - exposing social realities and exchanging ideas. Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art presents Antipas Delotavo's 20th solo exhibit entitled Iloilo Variants.

With his 13 paintings masterfully done during the lockdown and curated in the Hulot Gallery by Jose Tence Ruiz is his own homecoming journey. These Iloilo architectural landmarks are symbols of a rich past as well as a progressive present, while looking forward to a future that we, as a nation, could probably call ours. He captures each place at a certain moment in time as he too is caught in the middle of a pandemic and the pressures of producing art. And just as how the disease has emerged into numerous variants in recent years, Ilonggo culture continues to change its identity and innovations. Delotavo is known for his social commentary and promotion of that responsibility through subjects that depict relevant critiques and reveal the true conditions of our society. The exhibit is an invitation to wander and walk through the commercial and industrial narratives that these structures represent, and extends to the premises outside the museum and up to the province.

Iloilo Variants by Antipas Delotavo opens to the public on July 27, 2023 and will run until September 17, 2023 at the Hulot Gallery, Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art. For inquiries, contact ILOMOCA on Facebook (@ILOMOCA) and Instagram (@itsilomoca), or through email at
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