Water System in GK-Kahilwayan Village Inaugurated

Brgy. Tampucao, Lambunao, Ilolo--- joy and excitement filled the community of GK-Kahilwayan Village as Gawad Kalinga volunteers, and some LGU officials of the municipality of Lambunao led the inauguration of the water system in the community.

The water system in the village includes a more sustainable water source, a submersible water pump, two additional water tanks to supplement the three existing tanks, and additional connecting water pipes.

The improvement works for the water system was made possible through the funding assistance of Profriends and volunteer works of GK-Kahilwayan Village residents. “This improvement will make community life more convenient as water supply will be much more accessible to residents. Profriends continues to collaborate with Gawad Kalinga in giving care to the communities we create, in order to transform the families’ lives for the better,” shares Profriends Business Unit Head Pau Jaen-Villagante.

The new water system is designed to sustain the whole community composed of 250 households. This effort is part of Profriends’ Road to 25, as it stay true to its mission to create communities and transform lives.

Road to 25 is a series of events for the people and community in celebration of Profriends' 25th year in the property development business.
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