Vista Land Sparks Festive Celebrations in the City of Love on its 23rd Anniversary

Vista Land Sparks Festive Celebrations in the City of Love on its 23rd Anniversary

The streets of Iloilo City came alive as Vista Land, the Philippines' leading integrated property developer recently celebrated its 23rd anniversary with a month-long extravaganza of events and activities. The vibrant festivities, spanning from charity pet shows to grand caravans, sparked joyful celebrations in the City of Love and the spirit of camaraderie in the Vista Land community.

Caravan Setting the Tone of Grand Festivities

As the anniversary month unfolded, Vista Land treated the residents of Iloilo City to a series of exciting events. In its first week, Vista Land staff, affiliates, business partners, and stakeholders joined a spirited caravan that signaled the start of the month-long celebration in Iloilo.

Philanthropy, Fitness, and Fun: The Highlights

Family Fun Run: Families with their fur babies came together for a community-driven fun-run.

The celebrations also coincided with philanthropic efforts, beginning with BarkFest For-A-Cause. Held in VistaMall Iloilo, this all-breed pet show partnered with Karanzo Kennel delighted attendees while raising funds for its hospital beneficiary. Vista Land aimed to provide financial support for its partner hospital's needs through the activity.

Barkfest for a Cause: Vista Land and Karanzo Kennel partnered for a philanthropic effort

The celebrations also included a tribute to the Savannah Book Drive, which started in August, and a watercolor painting activity for kids.

The same week, the RevUp Fitness Party emerged as a massive success, with over 100 attendees participating in Zumba sessions led by guest instructors Jaja, Zin Tingting Tobias, and Zin Ayan Angayen, and Kandos Crew Iloilo. Simultaneously, the Wild Rides Iloilo Car Show displayed an array of cars and motorcycles.

Little Miss Savannah is one of the most-awaited events, as well as free Street Dance and Modeling workshop. Offered in partnership with JPC Productions for aspiring dancers and models, this served as a fantastic chance for children to develop their skills and gain valuable experience in the industry. The event culminated  in a Fashion Runway at Vista Mall Iloilo's Atrium the week after. This function provided a platform for the young ones to showcase their learned skills and marked the successful conclusion of the free workshops.

One Panay Grand Recruitment

Vista Land held a recruitment and accreditation event for business partners at VistaMall Iloilo. The event focused on promoting Camella Capiz, Camella Aklan, and Maurea, all of which are projects located in Panay and Georgia—Vista Land's estate development in Iloilo. The event attracted homegrown sellers keen on working with Vista Land.

Thanksgiving Mass and Little Miss Savannah Coronation

The day of the anniversary was celebrated with a Thanksgiving Mass at St. Padre Pio Church, where employees and stakeholders gathered to express their gratitude for the company's continued success. It was then followed by the coronation of the first-ever "Little Miss Savannah" at the ground floor of VistaMall Iloilo.

Weekend Market, Play Fair, and Movie Night at Savannah

Each week of September concluded in a lively Weekend Market, where vendors showcased their unique products and local delicacies. Additionally, families gathered for Play Fair, a fun-filled day of games and activities for all ages. To cap off the week, Movie Night provided the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy a film under the stars. These events were an excellent way for the community to come together and commemorate the special occasion.

Book Donation Drive Turnover, Family Fun Run, Food Fest, and Live Band

Book Drive: Book Drive Organization beneficiaries posed for a photo with Vista Estates’ Division Head, Ms. Lily Donasco, and Vista Land team during the Book Drive turnover ceremony.

The month-long celebration ended in a heartfelt act of charity as collected children and teen books from the Book Donation Drive were handed over to the beneficiaries, Abilay Norte Day Care Center and Child Development Center of Brgy. Pulo Maestra Vita. Family Fun Run also occurred, where participants enjoyed a picturesque jog along the Savannah Spine Road during golden hour, followed by a Food Fest and Live Band performances by Valhalla Band.

With the continued growth and success of the company, its presence in Iloilo is a beacon of progress and community spirit. It is a reminder that the company is not only focused on business growth but also on giving back and positively impacting people's lives.

As Vista Land looks forward to another year of achievements and milestones, Ilonggos can be assured that the company's dedication to uplifting communities and providing quality homes and services in Iloilo will remain steadfast.
Zach Golez

A lifestyle blogger based in Iloilo City

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