Reformation Asia 2024 Launched in Manila, Philippines: A Transformative Journey

Reformation Asia, a groundbreaking initiative spearheaded and hosted by Dr. Ruth Cube Keijdener, made its much-anticipated launching in the heart of Manila on March 26, 2024, at The Podium Hall in Ortigas Center. This transformative endeavor aims to unearth the profound potential within individuals while unlocking strategies and solutions for reforming systems that may have strayed from their divinely intended paths.

Rooted in a collective awakening and revelation to be facilitated by the Holy Spirit during conference gatherings across Asian nations, Reformation Asia offers participants more than just a platform for reflection. It provides a sanctuary for rest and a deeper connection with God, fostering an environment where spiritual presence is palpable and profound connections are forged in His Presence.

Dr. Ruth Cube Keijdener set the tone for the event with a heartfelt worship together with ROG Worship Team, inviting attendees into the presence of God. Charity Cook, from the Global Awakening team, delivered a powerful message on the enduring power of Jesus to heal and perform miracles, even in the modern age. The event witnessed remarkable moments of healing and breakthroughs, with testimonies flooding in on physical and emotional restoration.

The collaboration between Revelation Church, the ROG Worship Team of River of God Church, and the Global Awakening team, led by Charity Cook, David Hogan of Freedom Ministries and TBN Asia, ensured a dynamic and impactful experience for all attendees. David Hogan concluded the event by exalting Jesus as King over all, culminating in a powerful encounter with the Father's Love that swept through the venue.

Hundreds of individuals gathered at Reformation Asia in Manila, leaving refreshed, healed, and equipped to carry solutions for the challenges facing their communities. The event marks not only a milestone in the pursuit of personal transformation but also a significant step towards systemic renewal across the region.

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Zach Golez

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