Watsons Continues to Celebrate the Strength, Resilience, and Achievements of Women Through Women’s Run Ph

(L-R) Rosalinda Ogsimer, April Perreras, Andrea Estrella, Maritess Nocyao and Thysz Estrada, the five empowered women  who represent today’s Filipina

Brave, bold, and becoming are adjectives which can be used to describe Filipino women. 

The Women’s Run PH at the SM Mall of Asia Complex last March 10 celebrates women who have paved the way and have broken barriers in their careers and daily lives by being strong and fearless. 

“Watsons has always been a company that celebrates women. We at Watsons have always believed in equality and the right of every woman to go for her dreams and goals. This is what the run is all about,” said Sharon Decapia, SAVP for Marketing, PR & Sustainability of Watsons.

Watsons, as the leading health, wellness, and beauty retailer brand, recognizes the influence of women to change lives and uplift communities.

For the Women’s Run, the retailer puts the spotlight on five empowered women who represent today’s Filipina

Rosalinda Ogsimer, 76 years old, the oldest female runner in the Philippines and transwoman marathoner Thysz Estrada

Rosalinda Ogsimer, 76 years old, is the oldest female runner in the Philippines. She is the epitome of grace when she is running and it’s worthy to know that she  only started  running at  65. At first, she was in so much pain which made her say that  she wouldn’t run again. Eventually, she started training and running in short distances until she ran her first 42K marathon in 2015.

Mom and Cancer survivor April Perreras

Brave is the best word to describe mom and cancer survivor April Perreras, who is also a CETI-Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist.  She believes in empowering fellow cancer warriors through the transformative power of exercise. As a cancer exercise specialist, Perreras helps them regain strength, improve mobility, and maintain a good quality of life through exercise.

Andrea Estrella, a visually impaired national athlete in obstacle course racing

Andrea Estrella is a visually impaired national athlete in obstacle course racing. Last year, she won two medals (a bronze and a silver) in the OCR World Championships in Belgium. Estrella wants to spread awareness that a disability is not a hindrance for women to do what they want.

Gold medalist Maritess Nocyao at the 2023 South East Asian Games and 2nd place in the Spartan Race’s 2023 Elite Series.

Like Estrella, Maritess Nocyao is also an OCR athlete. She’s a fearless woman who brought home gold in the 2023 South East Asian Games and got second place in the Spartan Race’s 2023 Elite Series. A mother of two, Nocyao believes that to be on top, one should stay focused on the goal.

Social media personality Thysz Estrada is the chairperson of Pantay Tayo, a registered youth-led lobbying community advocating for gender-transformative legislation. A bold advocate for inclusivity and equality, Estrada is a runner and cyclist who is also a member of EZ Run Club.

For the Women’s Run last March 10, the health and beauty retail giant partnered with Women’s Run PH, an organization that empowers women through running and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Serious runners, first-timers and other run enthusiasts were able to enjoy the Women’s Run with the 1K for Kids, 5K and 10K  routes. For more information visit www.watsons.com.ph/ 
Zach Golez

A lifestyle blogger based in Iloilo City

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