MORE Power Celebrates Success as Engineer's Daughter Excels in Physician Licensure Exam

In a heartwarming testament to dedication and family pride, MORE Power celebrates the remarkable  achievement of Dra. Sherry Ann G. Villagracia, daughter of Engr. Delfin Villagracia, MORE Power's  Line Operations and Maintenance Assistant Manager, in the April 2024 Physician Licensure  Examination. 

As the youngest daughter of Engr. Villagracia, Dr. She's accomplishment has brought immense joy  and pride not only to her family but also to the MORE Power team. Mr. Roel Z. Castro, President and  CEO of MORE Power, expressed his overwhelming emotions, highlighting the significance of Engr.  Villagracia's achievement. 

I don't know how to express my feelings to occasions like this! Very overwhelming! I'm so happy that  one way or another, MORE Power has been part of the journey of the Villagracia family!" Mr. Castro  exclaimed. 

Reflecting on Engr. Villagracia's unwavering commitment and integrity, Mr. Castro encouraged Dr.  She to emulate her father's exemplary character and values. "Stay as humble as your Papa. He works  diligently and honestly day in and day out. He doesn't talk that much, but his work speaks volumes  about the kind of person he is," he remarked. 

Addressing Engr. Villagracia directly, Mr. Castro shared heartfelt sentiments, acknowledging the  pride and fulfillment that comes with seeing a daughter succeed. "To Delfin, I know how happy and  proud you are of having a daughter who is now a medical doctor! I could feel the pride that you have  not only for yourself but for your daughter and family," he conveyed. 

The journey of the Villagracia family is marked by dedication and perseverance, with Engr.  Villagracia's recent recognition at MORE Power's Employees Appreciation Night adding to the  celebration. In February 2024, he was honored with the prestigious Lotus Award, symbolizing true  professionalism and recognizing his dedication to MORE Power. 

As Dr. She embarks on her career in medicine, the entire MORE Power team extends their heartfelt  congratulations and best wishes. "To Delfin and Jonalyn, congratulations to you! And to Dr. She,  make your parents and family even more proud by being one of the best doctors—a doctor with a  heart", Mr. Castro concluded. 

May the Villagracia family continue to be blessed with success, happiness, and prosperity as they  inspire others with their remarkable journey. 


Dra. She's journey to becoming a physician is a testament to resilience and determination. Despite  the challenges she faced, such as her commitment to public service and the pressures of medical  school, she remained steadfast, guided by discipline and prayers. 

"I should have taken the board exam last year in October, but I was busy serving as a barangay  councilor under my former SK chairperson. People, including my father, wanted me to continue my  public service," said Dra. She. 

Sacrificing sleep for relentless studying, she never wavered in her pursuit. She even shielded her  parents from the fact that she took the examination, fearing their disappointment if she didn't pass.  "Actually, my parents didn't know that I took the board exam. When I called my father last night and  told him I passed, he said, 'Didn't you take the exam?' because I was in Manila at the time, and when I  returned to Iloilo, I stayed in an apartment, and they didn't know I was in Iloilo. I only called him last night because they were in Bacolod for work." 

As the first-generation doctor in her family, she carries the hopes and dreams of her loved ones,  supported wholeheartedly by her father, Engr. Villagracia, and embraced by the MORE Power  family, especially Mr. Roel Z. Castro, whose encouragement and support were invaluable.

Dra. She's journey is not merely one of personal achievement but also of gratitude, as she  acknowledges the presence of her family and colleagues, who provided her with strength and  comfort along the way.
Zach Golez

A lifestyle blogger based in Iloilo City

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