Dignity Conference Highlights the Challenges of Overseas Filipino Workers and Their Families and the Collective Solution

Manila, Philippines — The Dignity Conference, hosted by Eunice Bennett Ministries in partnership with Harbinger Ministries, took place from April 29 to May 1, 2024, at the Philippine International Convention Center. This significant event drew attendees from across the Philippines, all eager to engage with the critical issues surrounding the country's reliance on overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), particularly domestic helpers.

Eunice Biron-Bennett, a renowned speaker, preacher, teacher, and prophetic voice to the nations, led the conference with her profound insights and fervent passion for societal transformation. Known for her work in intercessions, apostolic movements, and prophetic gifts, Bennett delivered compelling sessions that resonated deeply with pastors and leaders from all over the country.

The conference addressed several pressing issues:

1. Adverse Effects on Children: Bennett highlighted the detrimental impact of motherless homes on children, supported by scientific studies and statistics. These effects include increased rates of abuse, depression, rape, and molestation. The absence of parents, particularly mothers, due to work abroad as domestic helpers, was underscored as a significant factor contributing to these societal problems.

2. National Identity Crisis: The speaker discussed how the massive outflow of Filipinos seeking employment overseas has led to a loss of national identity. This diaspora has diluted cultural ties and weakened the sense of community and nationhood within the Philippines.

3. Governmental Solutions: In response to these challenges, the conference called on the Philippine government to develop and implement strategies aimed at reducing the necessity for parents to work abroad. This includes law-making, creating more local job opportunities, and providing better support systems for families to thrive within the country.

4. Role of the Church: The role of the church in addressing these issues was a significant point of discussion. Bennett emphasized the need for religious institutions to support and advocate for affected families, offering spiritual and practical assistance to those impacted by the OFW phenomenon.

5. Christian Professionals and Businessmen: Lastly, the conference underscored the responsibility of Christian professionals and business leaders in driving change. Their involvement in creating job opportunities, supporting family-friendly policies, and fostering community development was seen as crucial in mitigating the adverse effects of the current OFW trends.

Throughout the three-day event, participants engaged in prophetic sessions, spiritual enlightenment, and national revival, aimed at empowering individuals and communities to tackle these societal dilemmas. The Dignity Conference served as a clarion call for collective action, urging all sectors of society to contribute to a sustainable and holistic solution.

The conference concluded with a renewed commitment from attendees to work towards a future where Filipino families are not forced to separate for economic reasons, thus preserving the nation's dignity and fostering a healthier, more stable family.
Zach Golez

A lifestyle blogger based in Iloilo City

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