Watsons Continues to Champion Sustainable Retailing in the Philippines with the Opening of 1st Greener Store in San Pedro, Laguna

The first Watsons Greener Store, located in San Pedro, Laguna, exemplifies Watsons’ dedication to minimizing environmental impact by utilizing solar energy and energy-efficient appliances

Watsons, the leading health, wellness, and beauty retailer, is proud to announce the grand opening of its first greener store in San Pedro, Laguna. This milestone is a testament to Watsons' steadfast commitment to sustainability, setting a new standard for a more eco-friendly retail in the Philippines.

Watsons' Recycle for Rewards Program actively encourages shoppers to reduce waste, recycle more, and earn rewards for their environmentally-friendly actions.

The Watsons Greener Store is a pioneering project, utilizing renewable energy, sustainable store materials, and energy-efficient appliances. The store’s materials and fixtures adhere to greener building standards, earning certification from Pi Energy Inc. This ensures that the store’s operations align with environmental standards, significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

Sustainable Elements of a  Greener Store :

Renewable Energy Sources: The store is primarily powered by solar energy, exemplifying Watsons’ dedication to minimizing its environmental impact through sustainable energy solutions. By utilizing solar panels, the store saves approximately 7.5 tons of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to the CO2 absorption of around 377 trees annually.

The Watsons Greener Store uses sustainable materials and fixtures with no plastic components and utilizes energy-efficient lighting and appliances, reducing environmental impact

Sustainable In-store Materials & Fixtures: Marketing materials, including signages and displays, are crafted from Solidus material instead of Sintra board containing PVC or plastic reducing environmental impact. Additionally, all marketing materials are made from recycled paper and boards with FSC® certification, ensuring they originate from responsibly managed forests. The store also utilizes wood for its display racks and fixtures, further enhancing its commitment to sustainability.

Energy-Efficient Appliances: The store uses LED lights that do not contain toxic materials, are 100% recyclable, and reduce energy consumption by up to a third. Additionally, the store utilizes inverter air conditioners and refrigerators that consume 40% less energy than conventional units.

Watsons offers a wide range of sustainable choices products that advocate Clean Beauty, Better Ingredients, Refill Packs & Better Packaging from responsibly- sourced materials.

Sustainable Choices Products: Watsons offers a wide range of sustainable choices products that advocate Clean Beauty, Better Ingredients, Refill Packs & Better Packaging from responsibly- sourced materials. 

Refill Station: Watsons introduces the first refill station outside Metro Manila, customers can conveniently replenish their Naturals by Watsons bottles with their favorite body wash and shampoo variants. The store also sells refillable bottles with screw caps, allowing customers to save up to 40% compared to standard purchases.

Watsons Greener Store encourages customers to bring reusable shopping bags and practice refilling to promote waste reduction, segregation, and recycling.

Waste Minimization Initiatives: The store encourages customers to bring reusable shopping bags and actively promotes waste reduction, segregation, and recycling.

Jin Jimenez,  Sales Operations and Store Development Director of Watsons Philippines

The store opening was attended by Jin P. Jimenez, Director for Store Operations, Alisandrea Coloma, Senior Manager for Sustainability alongside local government officials Hon. Ramil Hernandez, Governor of the Province of Laguna, and Hon. Mayor Art Francis Mercado of San Pedro, Laguna. Their presence underscores the collaborative effort between Watsons and the local community to promote sustainable development in the province. 

Alisandrea Coloma, Senior Manager for Sustainability, Watsons Philippines PH

"Today, we proudly inaugurate the first Watsons Greener Store in San Pedro, Laguna, this store sets a new standard in sustainable retailing, embodying our dedication to fostering a vibrant culture of sustainability in every facet of our operations. By empowering our customers to embrace sustainable products and practices, we aim to make a meaningful impact on our planet," said Jin P. Jimenez, Director for Store Operations.

(L-R) Zyra Tinio - Obias , Group Category Manager for Trading Beauty, Loren Ortencio - Director, Sales Operations, Barangay Captain  Ernesto Doncillo, Atty. Jayson Nelson Loyola, Legal Officer of San Pedro, Laguna

The opening of Watsons Greener Store marks a significant shift towards sustainable practices in the retail industry, making sustainability a more achievable goal for everyday shoppers. Watsons aims to minimize waste and empower customers to make eco-conscious choices, contributing to a healthier planet. By integrating sustainability into its operations, Watsons reduces its environmental footprint and inspires customers to adopt greener lifestyles. This commitment reflects Watsons' broader mission to foster a healthier planet while empowering individuals to make informed, sustainable choices.

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