Smart Living Made Simple: Haier Brings Groundbreaking Smart Home Solutions to Iloilo

The future of smart living is closer than ever for Ilonggos!

Haier, a global leader in smart home appliances, unveiled its latest innovations at a momentous launch event held on June 26, 2024. Held at the Imperial Appliance Plaza Showroom and followed by a program at the Grand Xing Imperial Hotel, the event showcased a transformative range of smart home solutions designed to elevate everyday life for Filipino households. 

Upholding its commitment to “More Creation, More Possibilities,” Haier showcased a diverse lineup of products designed to effortlessly integrate into the evolving needs of Filipino households. The launch event highlighted a range of appliances that redefine the essence of modern living, integrating advanced technology for unparalleled convenience and creating future-proof homes.

The event was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, including Haier executives Mr. Zhenghui Zhang, CEO of Haier SEA (South East Asia), Mr. Zhixiang Dong, COO of Haier SEA, Mr. Xuhong Yan, President and CEO of Haier Philippines, Mr. Greg Wang, Sales Executive Director- Haier Philippines, and Ms. Jennifer Samson, Executive Product Director, Mr. Cao Zhi, Marketing Director, Ms. Lyn Villafuerte, Marketing Director, Mr. Kunjin Yang, Sellout Director. Haier's global reach and influence were further emphasized, with the company currently operating in over 200 countries worldwide. 

Unparalleled Freshness and Functionality 

The launch debuted the all-new Haier ALL-FRESH Refrigerator, a marvel of innovation using cutting-edge Fresher shield technology to maintain exceptional freshness throughout both fridge and freezer compartments. The ALL-FRESH boasts its user-friendly connectivity, allowing for remote management from anywhere through a smartphone app “Haismart” with Smart AI for ultimate convenience. The premium design, featuring elegant black glass, perfectly complements any contemporary kitchen. 

The unveiling of this new refrigerator line goes beyond just keeping things cool. It redefines freshness with a focus on functionality, cutting-edge technology, and aesthetics, all contributing to a smarter home environment. This includes the modern Mirror Glass Refrigerator, featuring a reflective door that turns your fridge into a stylish statement piece, and the upgraded 4-Door (T-door) model, the brand’s bestseller, now bigger and better than ever before! 

A New Benchmark in Laundry Care 

Haier sets a new standard in laundry care with the introduction of the COLOR AI washing machine. This innovative appliance upgrades the user experience with a brilliant touchscreen interface and adaptable functionality. The COLOR AI further simplifies laundry routines by seamlessly connecting to Haismart mobile app through its smart AI operations. This connection allows you to monitor wash cycles in real-time, receive notifications when your laundry is finished, and even remotely start or stop cycles, all from the convenience of your smartphone. It also boasts a powerful direct motion motor that delivers quiet, reliable, and energy-efficient washing, further enhanced by a smart dosing system — truly smart by name and by nature. 

Haier acknowledges the invaluable contribution of all participants in its successful press launch event. A key partner deserving recognition is Imperial Appliance Plaza, one of the country’s leading appliance centers known for its dedication to its philosophy of being the "Suki ng Bayan”. Imperial Appliance Plaza's focus on affordability and quality aligns perfectly with Haier's vision for creating innovative and smart appliance solutions for Filipino consumers.
Zach Golez

A lifestyle blogger based in Iloilo City

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